Legal Scope: A Construction Law Newsletter by Bright Law Firm PLLC

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Legal Scope is a monthly newsletter addressing topics of construction law, construction litigation, and various other issues that arise in the construction industry.  Below is an Archive of newsletters.  Click on any link below to read the newsletter written by a construction lawyer at Bright Law Firm.

Educational Seminar – 2017 AIA Contract Documents

Apr 2018 – Legal Scope – Indemnification: What is it and why is it important?

Mar 2018 – Legal Scope – Insurance Coverage Disputes

Feb 2018 – Legal Scope – Pay-if-Paid Clauses Versus Pay-When-Paid Clauses

Jan 2018 – Legal Scope – Timing of Payment Bond Claims

Dec 2017 – Legal Scope – Contractor’s Right to Cure

Nov 2017 – Legal Scope – Scope Changes: A Common Cause for Disputes

Oct 2017 – Legal Scope – Unit Pricing Contracts

Sep 2017 – Legal Scope – Subcontractor Claims against the Owner

Aug 2017 – Legal Scope – Documenting Construction Claims and Disputes

July 2017 – Legal Scope – The Contract Documents

June 2017 – Legal Scope – Doing Business Across State Lines

May 2017 – Legal Scope – PA Bond Claims