Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Bright Law Firm is a boutique firm focused on the construction industry. It prioritizes client objectives to deliver value and results. To provide efficient and sophisticated advice, Bright Law Firm concentrates its practice in Construction Law, Commercial Litigation, Employment Law, and Real Estate. In these areas, Bright Law Firm provides advice and counsel, as well as negotiates and litigates disputes in state and federal court, arbitration, mediation, and administrative law proceedings.

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Bright Law Firm represents clients in matters throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Judgment. Clients come to Bright Law Firm seeking guidance on complex legal issues. Our guidance and strategy prioritizes methods that are most likely to attain the client’s desired results. It takes listening, creativity, and sound judgment.

integrity. Legal problems come in all flavors, but one thing should remain constant: your lawyer’s integrity. You place your trust in Bright Law Firm, and holding that trust is the Firm’s greatest duty. This extends beyond the legal advice and counsel on the matter. It also extends to the Firm’s relationships in the community.

Focus. Law is an adverse and competitive system. Whether negotiating a settlement or litigating a case through trial, Bright Law Firm brings focus and resolve when pursuing its clients’ interests.