Our focus is on value. Bright Law Firm partners with the client’s objectives when advising on construction law, commercial litigation, employment law, and real estate matters. When entering fee agreements, Bright Law Firm considers, among other things, the complexity of the legal matter, the time anticipated in handling the matter, and the difficulty and unpredictability of the matter. Too often attorneys’ fees become a compound problem in themselves; the key to resolving this problem is open communication with the client.

Hourly billing is the standard approach, however, depending on the circumstances, Bright Law Firm will represent clients under creative, Alternative Fee Agreements (“AFA”) to provide value.  Bright Law Firm advocates communication and planning at the beginning of litigation to identify whether an AFA would be an option.  For litigation, an AFA may include concepts such as modified hourly rates, budgets, and soft caps tied to benchmarks and incentives. Similar AFAs may be appropriate for transactional work, such as construction contract reviews.

For employment law matters, Bright Law Firm offers AFAs to assist business management and human resource departments.  For example, Bright Law Firm offers employment advice and counsel under monthly plans that provide certainty in budgeting and accessibility to legal counsel, so as to create the essence of an “in-house counsel.”

For more information on billing and pricing of certain specific representation, please contact Bright Law Firm.  Representation only commences upon a signed, written fee agreement.